The THP Experience With Teri Hofford

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For many years, we have let other people tell our stories. For me, as a fat woman (don't worry we use that in a reclaimed way in our studio!) I'm told every day that my body is not good enough, it's a problem that constantly needs to be worked on and I can't POSSIBLY be sexy or powerful if I'm "promoting obesity" (cue massive eye roll). Well, I think all of that is absolute bullshit along with all the other myths we are told about ourselves: aging, sexual identity, gender, thinness, post-partum bods, mental health, skin textures, even something as stupid as hair color. Essentially, we are told most of our lives that we are not enough, but I am here to prove that sooooo fucking wrong. YOU are enough, this amazing body you have is ENOUGH, and all of the stories and experiences you have had have shaped the amazing magic within you….THAT’s what I want to photograph.

I want you to know, that as soon as you step through my doorway YOU get to be in charge of your narrative. YOU get to decide how you will show up, how you will be documented, and start the process of rewriting that story to become your own.

So, let’s get down to it!


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The THP Experience SESSION FEE - $500+tax

Your session fee includes: professional hair & makeup (if you want it), a 1.5 hour session with award winning, body image activist & photographer Teri Hofford, 5 oufits + nudes and our iconic white tank top shots, in person consultation, and in person reveal. IMAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SESSION FEE.

We recommend booking your session 6-8 weeks in advance of any specific deadline to ensure delivery of your images + products.


Step 2: Choose Your Desired Image Collection

All image collections + products will have 13% tax added to them // Save 20% by prepaying for your collection BEFORE your session! Ask about this at your consult or time of booking!

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I have 5 different image collections designed to help you tell your story the best

Bad Ass Babe Collection - 3300

Don't like making decisions? Can't narrow down your images?
Receive your entire digital image gallery, an 11X16 Luxe Album feat. 45 of your images, and a 20X30 heirloom wall art.

{Additional spreads can be added for $30/spread}

Empowered Collection - 2179

35 images (in the album & on a custom USB)



9x12 Boudy Book with Ice Cover (13 spreads // wrapped with your choice of Premium leather featuring an image of YOU on the cover!)


10x10 Empowerment Album with Ice Cover (13 spreads // wrapped with Premium Leather featuring an image of YOU on the cover!)

{Additional images can be added for $40/image // Add on our Darling Digital album featuring a slideshow of your images for $500}

Daring Collection - 1979

25 images (in the album & on a custom USB)


8x10 Boudy Book with Premium Cover (12 spreads // wrapped with our black leatherette)


8x8 Daring Album (12 spreads // wrapped with our black leatherette)

{Additional images can be added for $45 per image}

Confidence Collection - 1579

20 images (in the album & on a custom USB)


6x8 album (11 spreads // wrapped in black linen)

(Upgraded cover choices available // Additional images can be added for $50/ea.)

Bold Collection - 1279

15 images (in the album & on a custom USB)


6x6 Bold Album (10 spreads // black linen cover)

(Upgraded cover choices available // Additional images can be added for $55/ea.)


Just want digitals?

Look below!


10 images: $979

15 images: $1200

20 images: $1400

25 images: $1700

35+ images: $50 per image

Now that you’ve read through everything and fallen in love with me and my passion for all things empowerment, you can skip straight through to booking!

Or if you aren’t ready for a commitment yet, and you feel we need to take this relationship a wee bit further before you decide, why not start with a first date? Feel free to book yourself in for a consultation or request more information with the form below!

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