The R.A.W. Project

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Real. Authentic. Women.

The RAW Project came about after Emily Scott Pack saw a photo of herself without any makeup on and at first, was taken aback by it. It made her a bit uncomfortable to see herself looking so….raw, but the more she looked at the image, the more she felt like she was truly seeing HERSELF. It was her in her most true form and thus she set out to create a project to provide others the same liberating experience. As a featured photographer for the R.A.W Project, I found it aligned perfectly with my mission to help women use photography as a form of therapy, giving them the ability to document their true, amazing selves.

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A photography mentor of mine once told me that with his headshot clients, it is no longer a question of “are you going to use Photoshop” but rather, “How much photoshop are you going to use?” and that got me thinking about how we are creating a false narrative for the documentation of our lives. Years from now when our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren find photos of us, they will question how we had poreless skin, perfectly manipulated bodies, and literally no signs of LIFE on our bodies. For me, I want people to see the stories on my skin: the scars that show I lived through something daring, the stretchmarks that show my body’s power to contract and grow with all the stages of my life, the wrinkles that forged through my skin because I laughed a lot and smiled with my friends. I think understanding that you can be both RAW and GLAM is also powerful…we are complex creatures and to see ourselves in many states can showcase this.

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No hair styling, no makeup, no fancy clothes, no Photoshop - just you.

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[Session includes a 45 minute fine art nude session with Teri Hofford + 5 digital images sent to your email]

The RAW Project experience can be booked seperately or added onto any of our traditional boudoir experiences. When booking it as an add-on, we will just start your session with no hair, no makeup, and no clothes and then transition to the hair & makeup room for the remainder of your shoot.

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