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The Selfie Love Experience by thp studios

After running a successful boudoir studio for the last four years, I realized that as much as babes were coming to me for my photography skills, they were also searching for an amazing experience: to dress up, to play, to let go, to laugh, to exist without judgement, and to be anyone they desired. I also had some clients that experience body dysmorphia and the thought of SEEING photos after having such an empowering day, made them so anxious so, I decided to bottle up the fun, playful bits and created a pop up experience where friends could come, have access to a sweet ass wardrobe, play among our creative studio sets, and take some killer instagram content while they were at it!



Marie Kondo might be upset with the copious amount of items that “spark joy” for me, but her pain is your pleasure! We have hundreds of pieces of fun, flirty, fashionable wardrobe that are perfect for dress up. We have items ranging from size XXS to 5X. Some of our favorite and more popular pieces include our fur coats, our sequin jackets, and our fancy dresses

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One of my favorite parts of doing creative photoshoots, is my love for building beautiful fun sets that are incredibly photogenic! In addition to the more elaborate set ups (hello, flower tub & holographic corner) we also have a variety of different backdrops with fun colors & patterns to capture your best selfie.

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One of the things that has been lost with the presence of social media, is the amount of real life relationships. The Selfie Love Experience is designed to integrate social media + real time relationships to get the best of both worlds. Studies show that spending time with our friends and family have a significant impact on our happiness quotient and when you combine that with letting loose, being playful, and capturing amazing memories to savour the experience, you will have enough oxytocin to fulfill you for awhile! (At least until the next SLE).

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So, how do you get in on this action?


  1. How many people can partake at one time?

    Each group will be limited to a maximum of 5 people, but each have to be booked in individually. Each group will be given 40 minutes to have an amazing time, dressing up, celebrating each other, and taking images of each other!

2. Is hair & makeup included?

Hair & makeup is NOT included! We recommend coming with it already done so you can maximize your time in the studio!

3. Where are you located?

70 Arthur St Unit 560/570. Because the event is happening on a Saturday, the door will probably be locked, so you will just need to message (204) 390-3343 to let you in! Parking is free for 2 hours on the street!

4. How do you deal with clothing items & hygiene?

We recommend wearing a nude thong if you tend to wear any of our bodysuits or sheer items! Anything that touches the lady bits will get put aside after each group to be dry cleaned at the end of the day! Things like robes, coats, tops, dresses, etc. should be fine for the day!

5. Where do we park?

Because it’s a sunday, you can park for free on the street out front of our building! If that gets full, there are parking lots right beside Toad Hall that you can pay to park in for the bit of time you will be here!! I will let you know the door will be locked, so make sure you call (204) 390-3343 and we will come get you!

6. Can I bring my own wardrobe?

Absolutely!! The world is your oyster at the Selfie Love Experience!! You are welcome to wear as much or as little as you want for your booking time!

7. Do we have to share our images with you?

While I would LOVE for you to share your images with #selfieloveexperience or #sle on instagram and tag @thpstudios , these images are yours for YOU and for the sole purpose of having a kick ass day!

8. Will you take our photos?

Alas, no! The Selfie Love Experience was created for you to create your own self love, fun, and we provide the environment. There will be handy tips and cool ideas posted throughout the studio and on a handout for you when you arrive to help you get super creative with your phone!

DURING THIS TIME, WE WILL ALSO BE HAVING A CLOTHING SALE IN OUR MAIN STUDIO!! So bring some cash or credit card if you want to snag some fun clothing items for your personal closet!!

READY TO BOOK YOURSELF IN?? Click the button below!

Date: Aug 4, 2019
Times available: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm