Post ParTUM Project

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Childbirth is an amazing, powerful feat which deserves to be celebrated, but what we forget, is that your body undergoes TRAUMA during the entire experience.  Within the span of 24-48 hours (sometimes more or less) your body goes through immense changes and experiences and while the hospital will send you home with ice packs and pads to heal your bits, they DON’T send you home with the therapy required to navigate the changes that have just happened to your body physically and emotionally.  And I get it…the baby is super important, but so is Mama’s mental health.

In most traumas, people go through months of counseling to come to terms with the changes their bodies have encountered and it’s not necessarily about LOVING the body, but just accepting the changes.  After childbirth, mom doesn’t have time to look down and see her body until baby is kind of on a routine and then all of a sudden, she is faced with this “new” body that is usually quite different from the pre-baby or even with-baby, bod.  Combine that with the bullshit media we are fed telling moms they need to “get their old body back” and even the lies they tell ourselves about the “mummy tummy” and all the stretchmarks and we have the perfect cocktail for a negative body image….which helps no one: you OR your children.

My intent with the Post Par-TUM Project is to help women see their bodies almost immediately after giving birth.  To see the stretchmarks, the looser skin, the veins in the breasts, all the HUMANITY that is present in the body, will be extremely therapeutic to their body image later on in life.

Ideally, these sessions should happen within 2-3 weeks of giving birth to get the most effect out of it and I know it’s just another thing to throw into your crazy ass schedule, but I think it is a really important experience to go through.  The session will take less than 45 minutes and will occur at my 70 Arthur St studio in downtown Winnipeg.  You can bring your baby(ies) with you to be part of the shoot as well, because sometimes it works well to correlate the things we have taught ourselves to detest (our tums) with the beauty of our creations (our babies).  There is no cost for these sessions.

If you are interested in partaking in this project, please fill out the form below letting me know your expected due date (or if you’ve had your baby within the last 6 months!)

Caution: For people who struggle with body image issues, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and fatphobia, seeing their post-baby body may be triggering. The intent of this project is to capture the reality of the body and all of the emotions expressed throughout the session and afterwards, seeing the images are crucial to the mental health aspect and it is okay to be overcome with emotions, regardless of whether or not they are positive, negative or neutral.  If you feel that participating in this project may trigger previous habits, I urge you not to submit.

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