She Was Overwhelmed With Emotion ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Winnipeg boudoir photography_2050.jpg

Photographed by: Liz
Hair & makeup by: Sandy @ NCS Pro Academy

When Ms. Meig popped into our studio, I knew she was going to be a firecracker! I mean, this babe brought such energy, excitement and confidence that I wish I could bottle up and give to those who desire a little more pizazz. Meig was able to switch from sexy, to powerful, to sensual, to cute, to playful, and everything in between! But that’s enough from me, I want you to hear it straight from Meig!

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Hi i'm Meig and I had a Classic Photo Shoot with Liz.

I was counting down the days to my shoot, I couldn’t wait to get in front of Liz’ camera.  I had been following her on Instagram for a while, and obviously had seen some previous work of hers through THP that made me choose her when I purchased my shoot.  This wasn’t my first rodeo, nor will it be my last, I LOVE being in front of a camera.  And now Liz is the top of my list for another photo shoot (right next to my bucket list of doing one with Teri..of course!!)

Winnipeg boudoir photography_2049.jpg

Let me clear up one thing here for anyone who may read this; I did NOT do this photo shoot FOR MY HUSBAND, or FOR ANYONE ELSE. I did this photo shoot because as a strong willed, beautiful and confident woman – I want to have photos over the years showing ME.  Not just selfie me, or mom me, or wife me.  I want to be able to look back on my photographs of my life when I am 85 and be like YEP THAT WAS ME AT AGE 33! (Or 30, or 40, or whatever age!!)  Also, as much as people want to call it a “sexy” photo shoot, I don’t do it for the SEX appeal of it.  I do it because I want photos reflecting my confidence, beauty, body and image. If you prefer not to look at them because i'm in my underwear or what not, then that is up to you. 

Winnipeg boudoir photography_2051.jpg

The photo shoot was over in a flash (haha) and I was so happy with how much FUN Liz and I had.  I listened to her, I posed, I changed my clothes as fast as I could to utilize our time together. She oohed and aaaahed over me and made me feel like a fucking rock star goddess.  (Well, I am aren’t I?) And when we were done I went home on cloud 9, soooo freaking happy with what we created.  And started counting down the 2 weeks of wait time until I got to go to my reveal.

Winnipeg boudoir photography_2052.jpg

My Reveal. Ahhhh.. I still want to smile & cry when I explain what that meant to me.  I showed up with snacks in tow, no joke ask Liz.  I had pizza, my water, and I was ready to sit down and just ENJOY THE FREAKING SHOW!! Which I absofuckinglutely did!!!  Liz was her beautiful smiley self when I walked in, she had everything set up for me to relax and see my photos.  She pressed play and I was SO EXCITED.  There wasn't one photo that i didn't love.  When it finished playing i was so excited i just burst out CAN I WATCH IT AGAIN?!?! And she laughed and pressed play.  This time I was paying more attention to each photo and soaking up all the beautiful photos.  How the heck was i going to decide which photos I wanted?? I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  Then Liz and I sat at the computer afterwards for me to start choosing my favorites (ALL OF THEM) and start to decide which ones I wanted to take home with me.  

Winnipeg boudoir photography_2054.jpg

As we discussed my favorites and started narrowing them down, Liz was making such kind comments and positive affirmations of the ones i was choosing and why she agreed or loved them too... my happiness all of a sudden overflowed into tears.  I burst into tears and was overwhelmed with emotions. 
Tears of absolute gratitude, pride, tears of love for the images of myself that i wanted to blow up as BIG AS I COULD and hang them up for everyone to see (insert my husbands eye roll here)...  It wasn't a matter of "oh wow you made me look like that in photos" as it was 1000% - "Liz, you photographed ME and captured ME in the way i look at myself 99% of the time" - To have someone capture my essence and power and beauty and it not just be a posed photo.. it's hard to put into words...  I cried because I was just so thrilled with the outcome of my session.  I cried because, everyday i have people say to me "you're so confident" - "you're so positive" - "you're so sure of yourself" - but in the same day or same sentence, I've had people say... "But are you REALLY OK with yourself? are you REALLY OK with your size?".. like its a BAD thing to love myself. Like its a SHOW i put on.  And to those people i say: Fu*K You. in the kindest way.  If my happiness and beauty and self love offends you, i am NOT sorry.  I am here to tell you how amazing you are, or how beautiful you are, or tell you the things i love about you.  If you choose to not believe those words i say, that is your loss and your own internal battle.  Please don't shame me because my outlook in life is more of a positive one than yours. 

Winnipeg boudoir photography_2056.jpg

It took me a long time to love myself, years actually - With that being said you either like me, love me, or you don't.  I don't have time to waste convincing anyone else of my value.  I have my tribe, my cheerleaders, my soulmates, and for them I am so grateful.    

Winnipeg boudoir photography_2055.jpg

SO THANK YOU LIZ. for your time, your talent, your kindness.  Thank you for allowing me to be ME in front of the camera and bringing out the woman i try to show everyday, or portray to others.  I love you!  And thank you Teri, for creating a space and atmosphere that you do.  Your talented makeup and hair artist were such babes to work with as well.  ("I WANT A 3.. but then even MORE!!" hahah)  Your beautiful art all over the walls, the photographs, the joy you see in everyone faces,  the sexy women, the wardrobe...I can't wait to return again and have another adventure within your walls. 

xo- Meig