Getting the Kinks Out ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photographer

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No, no….not those kinda kinks….we like those here. I am talking BUSINESS kinks. You know, when you go into running a business for yourself, no one REALLY prepares you for the tug of war between the heart and the head. Well, if you are entrepreneur, consider this your open invitation to my heart & head struggle when it comes to doing what’s right for YOU and your mission.

Now, this may not even be newsworthy, but I usually get clarity on whether or not it’s a good idea if I write a blog post and actually publish it (if you don’t see this, then it wasn’t a good idea).

So, what’s been goin’ on?

Well, as you know I have been privileged to bring on 2 associate photographers for me starting last October and while I knew it was a necessary step, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to fit them into the puzzle (this is how I work). Despite asking the people what they wanted, I quickly realized that people don’t actually know what they want (and this is okay, because I, too, am a person who doesn’t know what she wants 99% of the time). Back in October I asked the general public if I should keep Teri Hofford Photography or THP Studios and just bring the 2 fab humans to work under me OR to create a separate brand for them and one for me. Well, the overwhelming consensus was that everyone wanted everything together! So I said “cool, cool. We shall leave it all the same.” And so I did.

By the way, you are just going to see a bunch of random photographs to break up the monotony of the words…so enjoy!

By the way, you are just going to see a bunch of random photographs to break up the monotony of the words…so enjoy!


I mean, I’m not NOT happy, I’m just not pleased with how things came together. The whole intent with having the associate photographers was so that I would be able to offer amazing body positive, inclusive experiences at more of an affordable rate, but because I was keeping everything as ONE thing, I couldn’t really do things that way, so our image collections stayed the same as if you were shooting with me, which didn’t really make our sessions much more accessible or affordable to those with smaller budgets. [Okay and I know there’s going to be a shit ton of photographers out there shaking their heads saying “TERI! WHAT EVEN ARE YOU DOING???!!” but I don’t even care. My business, is first of all, my business, but second of all, stems beyond JUST photography and I can’t run it like every other photography business, because I am not only in this profession to create amazing images, I am in this profession to impact and empower as many humans as possible and while I charge a fair rate for MY time and talent, I still want to offer a good, positive experience to those who are out of my range.

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I remember even 2 years ago, I had said “IF SOMEONE HAS TO GO WITH A CHEAPER PHOTOGRAPHER IN ORDER TO HAVE AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE AND BE EMPOWERED THEN I AM ALL FOR IT” but my fear was that someone might go with a photographer ONLY because of their price and then their self esteem or confidence would be shot all to hell because of that (this is another reason I got into educating photographers…so they could provide a phenomenal life changing experience for their clients…I don’t teach on businessy bits [as long as you do your cost of doing business and make what you want to make to live the life you want to, that’s all you] because sometimes I maybe don’t make the right “business” decision, but I usually make the right HEART decision.)

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Therefore, I took matters into my own hands tonight and I am in the process of creating 2 very body positive, very inclusive, amazing photographers who will take their client concerns seriously and talk them through their body image, self esteem, and various issues with great care while doing it at what some would consider a more “affordable” rate. (I put it in quotes because affordable is subjective)


What I have done, is separated myself from the others.

I, Teri Hofford, will be photographing the THP Experience Sessions: The sessions that I have always done and always will do. You get a l’il tough love teri, a whole lotta body posi, phenomenal posing and directing (toot, toot), a whole buncha laughs, and images and products that are designed to last 20+ years. These sessions are the luxury sessions that come out of the studio. You will get premium weekend availability, 5 outfits + nudes + the iconic white tank top shots, you get to choose between editorial or intimate session (or a combo), you get to hang with me and let me work my body image juju on you (hahaha). In addition to these sessions, I will also be doing more Photo Therapy sessions including RAW sessions, Mother, Nature Sessions, and of course, the Post-ParTUM Project.

Liz & Ally, on the other hand, will be photographing Classic & Premium Intimate sessions. These sessions are separate from me. These collections and products are designed to be more affordable, but still great. Depending on the session you choose, your session will last between 45-90 minutes, you will still get in person reveals, access to the wardrobe, access to the studio, and lovin’ from our 2 amazing photographers. They will be responsible for shooting, editing, and doing your reveal and you get to hang with them in the studio. These sessions are great for the person that already knows the benefit of doing a boudoir session and just wants a quick pick me up, the person that wants just digital collections and some fun photos, or the person that still wants an incredible intimate session but just doesn’t have it in the budget to shoot with me. Liz or Ally will make you feel frickin’ phenomenal and give you the session of your dreams.

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So, there you have it. In true Teri-fashion, I fucked around with the pricing for the first 3 months of the year trying to make it “work” with my heart and my brain and finally, I pushed the brain outta the way for a second. I have finally figured it out to a point that I am blogging about it…that’s how I know it’s the right move. And clearly you are reading this, so that’s how we really, REALLY know it’s right.

SO, IF YOU WANT FULL DETAILS ON ANY OF THE SESSIONS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW (just make sure to check your junk folder after 48 hrs if you don’t see it!) or feel free to scope out the pricing & experience tabs above!

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