She Had Forgotten About Herself ~ International Boudoir Photographer

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As I embarked on my usual pilgrimage to Vegas to meet up with some other photographers as part of WPPI, I saw that Miss Bri was reaching out to do a shoot! While I didn’t have much time to spare, as I had 2 workshops + an event to attend, I had a wee bit of time in the morning the first day there, so I said I would love to photograph her! Personally, I LOVE photographing other boudoir photographers! They get WHY I do what I do, but more importantly, they usually need more self love help than my traditional clients. I always say we get into this line of working, because we think by healing others, we will inevitably heal ourselves. When Bri showed up to my hotel at the Palms, I was super ecstatic to see that she brought fur, fishnet, and sparkles! She also brought her man friend Kody, who willingly participated in some couples images at the end. Without further adieu, I’d love for you to hear about Bri’s experience from her!

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Teri has always been someone that I admired in the business. Being 4.5 months pregnant, hating my stretch marked, loose skinned, 150lbs lost, body, I promised myself this would be the year that I would start doing things that scared me. Knowing Teri and I would be both be in Vegas, I scheduled a nude session with her. YES. A nude session. I know right? I almost shit myself too. If that’s not scary, I don’t know what in the hell is. To be so vulnerable, wearing nothing but myself and my stories. No control. To let someone take over and show me what THEY saw. Just as scary, I was doing a mini couples session at the end. Call the coroner. I was already dead. Hahaha.

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I’ve spent the last 10 years helping women find exactly what I came to Teri for; myself. I wanted, I NEEDED to love myself. Love this wild journey of life. Love this body with enough stories for a lifetime of sleepovers. Even the boudoir photographer herself needs to step in front of the camera and be hit with a reminder that we too, are bombshells. We get so wrapped up in giving our clients those experiences that we forget about ourselves. And I had. For years. Long forgotten about myself. I was ready! I knew if there was anyone on the planet that could kick me out of this funk and open my eyes, it was Teri.

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I was so right and then some. She was exactly what I pictured. Someone I could be SO comfortable with, immediately. That I actually forgot that I was naked. She had a way of making you feel like you were someone....because I am. We laughed, we posed, and it felt so good to just be. To feel like a bombshell. Kody and I laughed so hard, we had the time of our lives. I hadn’t laughed so hard, since I don’t know when. The way that he looked at me, when I was most vulnerable, was unforgettable. To be reminded verbally, that I was beautiful. That I deserved everything good. And how perfect I was... My heart had never been so full.

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At one point, I joked about my cha cha fat hanging out in the photo and Teri said something I’ll never in my life forget. “Regardless of how the photos come out, remember how they made you FEEL”. And I smiled. Good; I felt SO good. So beautiful. So strong. So powerful. I could do anything. It was the absolute time of my life...

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Fast forward a few weeks, Kody and I were on our way to Sedona, Arizona and I received my gallery from Teri. In full on hyperventilation mode, I told her I was nervous. I looked at Kody and said, “omg Teri just sent the gallery” and he exclaimed to open it. I couldn’t! I was so nervous!

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She gave me a GENUINE hearty felt pep talk and I was ready to see them...I cried. I legitimately had tears coming down my face as I showed Kody every single image. I was so in love with myself. For the first time in my entire life. I was beautiful, I finally saw it.

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He held my hand, he smiled with me, he felt with me, and told me how happy he was for me. How proud he was. How beautiful they were. How beautiful I was. And all I could do was cry and smile. My soul needed this session with Teri. Beyond belief. I’ve been walking with my head so much higher.

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I finally got to experience how I make my clients feel. And let me tell you, nothing compares. Thank you so much Teri, for the love, the self love, the confidence, the reminders, the session side cheerleading, I love you for that.

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Now, Bri’s experience of the shoot was one thing, but I was also privvy to how Kody interpreted it as well. Shortly after the session, he sent me a message letting me know what he was witnessing:

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“Teri! Of course you hear it all the time how impactful a session can be for someone, but I've never been there afterward and heard someone face to face talk non stop and see someone just glowing the way that Bri has been since we left you today. Thank you so so much for the experience you gave her, and for me to see how happy she is. Even if she were to never see the photos, the way you made her feel today is indescribable and I have seen it in her eyes all day. Thank you again.”

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I cannot thank Bri and Kody enough for trusting me with capturing their amazing connection. I cannot wait for the arrival of Bri’s babe, and I hope she always remembers that her body is miraculous and amazing regardless of what stage it is at. The fact that it can shift, change, grow, contract, and create life is amazing and worthy of documentation at all stages.