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After dating a bunch of people that didn’t fulfill my expectations of what I wanted in a long term relationship, I finally understood that people can’t just know what you want/need, etc. They need to be effectively communicated. I always used to think life would be a hell of a lot easier if people were honest about what they wanted or didn’t want a relationship (side note: watch The Invention of Lying) How much heart ache would that save??? So, after dating all the ones that didn’t fulfill my list of requirements, I wanted to make sure my now-husband was right for me, on our very first date I told him my 3 non-negotiables and said if he wanted the opposite of any of those, then we would finish the dinner and continue being friends. Welp, 9 years later we are married and still in love, so that clear communication up front definitely helped! I truly believe that there is a “right” person for everyone and sometimes, there are even multiple. Now, I’m not just talking lovey dovey relationships, I am talking photographer - client relationships! This is why this post is sooooo important to me, because if we are doing this thing…WE ARE DOING THIS THING. But here’s the thing, most people don’t know what they want until they know what they DON’T want (hence all the dating before the husby). I want you to seek out other photographers first before settling on us, because when you decide, we want you to be 100% CERTAIN that we are in this for the long haul. So here are a few reasons why I want you to do that (and also, enjoy some glorious photos of Ms. Stefania):

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  1. You may like our photos, but you may not like our price

I totally get that everyone has a budget and I also totally get that most people feel squidgy talking about the dollar dollar bills, so let’s just get that elephant outta the room, shall we? Here’s the thing. We are DAMN GOOD at what we do and I don’t just mean the photography side of things (though we do know our way around a camera, lighting and posing). We know how to make you look and feel your fucking best and we have worked hard to make sure we could pose, direct, photograph, light, and create images that help our clients positively change their view of themselves and because of the value of our experience and education, you may view us as expensive…….or you may not. “Expensive” is subjective, but I do know that I don’t want to feel bad for charging for our talent, but more importantly, OUR TIME. You see, most creatives feel bad for charging ANYTHING because we’ve been brought up to believe that art is “hobby” and not a “jobby”. So we were never taught to value ourselves like those who are lawyers, doctors, and hell, even those making minimum wage. This is why I am 100% clear on what I charge for my services and products. There is no bait and switch, there are no “surprises” at your reveal, there is only a “HERE IS LITERALLY ALL THE INFORMATION BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR SESSION SO YOU ARE PREPARED AT YOUR REVEAL FOR HOW MUCH YOU CAN EXPECT TO PAY” info guide, website, and the majority of our correspondance. If, upon looking at our pricing, you deem us “too expensive” for your budget, that is totally fine (everyone has priorities!), DO NOT BOOK US UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO COMMIT. (See, we’re in this for the long haul, baby). Now, we do try to accommodate varying budgets with pre-shoot payment plans (which give you 20% off your image collection!!) and various session types & collections, but even still, we may be out of your budget and that’s totally cool! We will be here when you are ready to take this ‘ship to the next level! But f you think it’s awkward talking about money now, just wait until we get to the reveal where I assume you have read everything and then you get all awkward because you don’t want to pay, and then I get all awkward and start to dislike my job and it’s just a bunch of awkward humans humming and hawwing and staring in awkward silence….I’d rather love you straight on through to the moment we part ways! (and probably even after, tbh)

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2. You may want images that are not my forte

Oh, man. This is a tough one. Seeing other people before you see us will give you a glimpse into all the amazing art that is out there! I know a lot of people think that if we know our way around a camera we can literally shoot anything and for the most part that IS true, however, I want you to check out other photographers first, because most of us have niches….things that we are fab at, known for, and love to create. What you get when hiring a photographer, isn’t someone to click the shutter (unless you head to Wal-mart, but I don’t think they offer boudoir yet…) you are hiring an artist and many of us have specific styles and methods that help us get our message across. For us here at THP Studios, we tend to opt for minimal wardrobe for the first shoot, not hiding parts of yourself you aren’t a fan of, dark & moodier shooting, sometimes a bit more sexual and powerful, and shooting for YOU first, before your partner - so, if you want to wear a sports jersey for your husband, with heavier editing or a traditional pin up session with brighter lighting, you can see why you wouldn’t be happy with the results we provide! Just like when previous manfriends would tell me I would CHANGE my mind about having children; me sticking with those relationships instead of sticking to my guns, ultimately led to the demise of what could have been good friendships I am sure. Don’t ask us to change why we do what we do, for you, because even though we will feel pressure and maybe say yes, no one is going to end up satisfied. (Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re all about compromise on certain things, but ultimately the big shit is pretty important: ie. me having children against my will vs. moving the forks to another drawer for someone else)

I am pretty up front about what we do, why we do it and all that jazz, because I want to make sure that your needs, as a client, are fulfilled in the best possible way and sometimes that best possible way is to NOT have us photograph you. I have a roster of amazing talent that have their own specialties and talents that I am more than happy to refer to, but for you, the best thing you can do to figure out what you want, is to meet with, contact, or view a handful of photographer’s work to make sure they are the right fit for you. As much as I would love to be for everyone, sometimes my tough love teri - embrace your body - THIS IS FOR YOU approach is a bit much and that’s totally okay, because there are a ton of other photographers if you just want some sexy pics!

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3. Our values & views may be quite different

You probably know by now that I am a “liberal snowflake” and dastardly “feminist” BUT it is important to note that these views are a huge part of WHY I do what I do. I want to help liberate all folx from the societal bullshit and I want to help them become more powerful in their own right. While we’ve all been brought up to keep politics out of our work, I can’t really. THP Studios is an inclusive studio - we have a queer gent on our staff, we photograph marginalized humans, and donate $30 from every session fee to the Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre……so if any of that bothers you, then CLEARLY we are not a good fit for each other. And yes, your right is to have free speech and all that jazz, but it will not be done in our studio. I would hate for you to come into our loving inclusive space, utilize our services, but then shit all over the people that help built up this community. #nopenotdoinit .

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So, that’s about it. Essentially, I want you to do your research so that by the time you get to us, you know we are the perfect fit for each other. You will have sussed out what you do and do not like, and hopefully that helps you narrow down your decision to be photographed by the THP Studios team. I want you to fall in love with why we do what we do and help us be part of a mission bigger, I want you to fall head over heels for the beautiful way we can paint with light and shadows and bring forth your bad ass self, and I want you to be committed to coming into a space that will envelope you and allow you to feel safe, loved, and yourself. We are more than just creating pretty pictures and I want you to be ready for Tough Love Teri, Love Yourself Liz, or All About You Ally! I want you to say “AHA! SHE’S THE ONE FOR ME!" By the time you decide that THP Studios is the home for you, there will be no false expectations (intentionally anyway! We are human still) and we can photograph happily ever after. Boudoir photography is a luxury, regardless of how much you are spending on it: you are spending your time, your energy preparing, and of course, your dollars, so I want to make sure you get exactly what you want when you take the plunge. As a result, we have brought back the in person consultation (first date, if you will) so you can meet us, see the studio, touch the wardrobe, experience the products and stories of other #boudybodies that have trusted us with their confidence and beauty, leaving their amazing, loving energy within the walls of our space. After having done your own research and seeing other people, then click the button below to set up your own in person consultation: