Let Them...Devour the Patriarchy {Editorial Session} ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

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Last year we launched our editorial sessions and it took me forever, but now I am getting around to blogging Ms. Raissa’s. When she sent me her inspiration board full of retro, pastel, modern goodness I knew I could finally create my “modern marie antoinette” inspired session! This just goes to show, you can LITERALLY be anyone or show up in any way, that you want during your session. Playing with wigs, makeup, and wardrobe is an amazing way to tap into different elements of yourself and we absolutely love watching our humans blossom in front of the camera and channel their inner characters. Bring us your idea and we will art direct like no one’s business: helping you with wardrobe, hair & makeup, and of course, set styling & posing! The only thing you have to do is bring us a fragment of an idea, trust us to do what we do best, and show up the day of your session!

In any case, to checkout this sweet session, press play on the music below and enjoy Ms. Raissa as she sets out to take over her kingdom and devour the patriarchy.

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