She Was Starving To Death, But Hey, At Least She Looked Great ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photographer

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Upon moving forward into 2019, I began to get clearer on the mission that I had embarked upon 4 years ago. When I first started boudoir, the intent was to diversify the types of bodies that we see in the media/photography industry, bringing light to the amazing women that inhabit all different body shapes and sizes! Now, I can look around at my peers and see that many women of all sizes can have options when it comes to selecting photographers to photograph them. This is awesome and exactly what I wanted, but now it’s time for me to expand upon what MY contribution to the photography industry/media will be. Just as our new domain name says, I wanted to expand to including ANYONE who wants to explore themselves, rewrite THEIR stories in a way that accurately reflects them and basically says F U to the societal stereotypes we put upon people.

Well, one of the most under represented groups of people are those with disabilities or differently abled humans, so I want to make sure that we at THP Studios are doing our part to let ALL people know that they are worthy of having their story told with beautiful photography and that their bodies are sexy, beautiful, and powerful. Last year, I did a casting call and Miss S was one of the first to apply and be featured! This strong babe lives with chronic pain and has always wanted to do a boudoir session, so I was pleased to offer her the experience. Continue reading to hear her story!

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Doing a boudoir shoot with Teri was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I kept putting it off though. Then she put the call out for boudy babes with disabilities and I thought this is fate.

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Being sick and disabled and living on a chronic care unit at Riverview Health Centre has affected how I view myself. I stopped feeling sexy. My body, after all, had betrayed me. My weight yo yo-ed up and down due to medications and treatments for malnutrition. I had little control over my body and that affected my self image too. 

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Like many women, I struggled with body image issues since I was a tween. I was bulimic for a number of years. Then I got sick and lost a bunch of weight and everyone kept telling me how great I looked, never mind the fact that I was starving to death. It was pretty fucked up.

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I have finally learned to accept my body and all its flaws. I have a number of different tubes, am chained to an IV pole and use a walker or a wheelchair. Teri taught me that it doesn’t make me any less sexy. It was hard to not look at the flaws in my pictures, but it helped me accept where I am at in life. I am not my medical conditions and disabilities...I am a person. I can still be sexy. Thank you for helping me see that part of me again. I would definitely do a session again in the future. Don’t put it off until you are “perfect” because that moment will never come. Start loving yourself today!

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