They Both Needed This ~ Winnipeg Couples Boudoir Photos

Winnipeg Boudoir Photographer_3223.jpg

Photographing couples was something I did on the DL. I never really advertised it because I always felt kinda odd about being the third person in the relationship during a session. However, since doing workshops with my friend Kevin Lowery, who is frickin’ amazing at couples sessions I began to shoot them…but only in a workshop setting and for something to do while he taught. What I realized, however, is that TYPE of sessions that I want to create with couples, are less sexual in nature and more intimate in nature. Connection is important, intimacy is important, and the little things partners do for each other that translates more to love than to sex, is more important to me. I asked Attieh if her and her girlfriend Alex would be down to let me do a session so I could get my portfolio going and they said YES!! While Attieh has shot with me a ton, Alex really hadn’t had a boudoir experience, so I knew she would need a bit more coaxing. During our session, Alex totally bloomed! I loved watching her own her aesthetic, repping her strength, and giving me the ol’ one eyebrow gaze. Take a look below to read more about their experience.

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When Teri had asked me a few months ago if my girlfriend and I could come in for a couple’s session, I instantly turned to Alex and half asked, half insisted, that we do this thing. With love, and a little hesitation, Alex said “Anything for you baby!”

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As a working model, I’ve been in front of the camera many times, so for me I was just pumped to have my partner be a part of my world and see/experience what I love to do. At the same time; I was even more excited to show Alex off and give her an opportunity to see herself how I see her: beautiful, strong, funny, talented, and unique.

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I knew Teri would make us feel comfortable, especially since the both of us never have taken professional photographs together for our entire relationship. I know this session was going to be a big first step for Alex, yet somehow I just couldn’t shake the thought that we both NEEDED this.

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During the session, I found myself getting lost in moments with Alex, kissing maybe a little too long for a certain shot, and laughing without worrying if the lines on my face were showing. We love each other, and having those intimate, raw and real moments captured is something you can’t pass up.

Winnipeg Boudoir Photographer_3259.jpg

Gushing about the experience together shortly after, Teri sends us the first few edits. First of all, the shot was beautiful, but I think the expression on Alex’s face after seeing that picture was the real cherry on top for me. We sat in our bed reaaal close while remembering the wonderful experience.
I’m always lucky to work with Teri, and now I’m extra lucky to have had her capture my love and I.

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