Danika {The Hotel Sessions} ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

winnipeg sexy photos_0053.jpg

Not much to say here, aside from we had a plan to work on a really cool collaboration in Vancouver, but the person I was collaborating with cancelled, but I had already made the travel plans. I didn’t want to waste meeting Danika, so I invited her to come shoot in my hotel room (not as creepy as it sounds!) and it was amazing!! Danika is one of the sweetest humans I had ever met (never mind the fact that she had spent 2 hours in the rain to get to me!!) and has an amazing lingerie collection! Best part? SHE’S FROM WINNIPEG! Because I was looking for a model in Vancouver, I assumed she was from there, but NOPE! She was just visiting! So, you can expect to see quite a bit of miss Danika because she fell into the role of another “muse” for me! She will be joining me alongside Jade in Vegas next month!

In other news, The Hotel Sessions, is something I will be launching for 2019! This gives you the same empowerment experience, but in a totally new environment and we will be hosting these sessions once a quarter, with our first happening on March 9th & 10th!! Follow us on instagram for when we drop the deets!

Anyhow, take a look at our hotel session in Vancouver!

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