Sam {The Hotel Sessions} ~ Travel Boudoir Photographer

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When I first started my positive psychology classes, I was really excited that I would get to adventure to Toronto every month for 7-8 months! Part of this excitement was that I would get to stay in new airbnbs all the time, get to see the city, and visit with some friends. During my first stint in Toronto, I booked this cute little airbnb that was close to my school and was relatively inexpensive. Approximately a week before I was about to leave, I went to look at the itinerary and actually looked at all the photos and as soon as I saw it had a balcony WITH HOT PINK FLAMINGOS STAMPED ON IT, I messaged my buddy Sam from Crave Boudoir and told she was going to be modeling for me. We aligned a time, she brought a fur coat, I brought a pair of minty bathing suit bottoms and away we went! This is definitely one of my favorite travel sessions. Press play to listen to the soundtrack for this session:

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