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Welcome to THP Studios, where pants don’t matter and self love does.

We have created an amazing team of photographers, stylists, and communication specialiststs to make your intimate photography session everything you could ever imagine. After 4 years of working solo, Teri Hofford has brought in 2 more associate photographers so that we can provide MORE empowerment to MORE humans, regardless of their budget! While technically, photography is an important piece to what we do, we pride ourselves on being the leading photography studio in Winnipeg that is judgement free, body positive, and fully inclusive of all humans. For too long intimate portraits were only allowed for a certain look and a certain gender, but here we say “NO MORE!” Every human is worthy of being documented and given the space to freely explore what it means to be themselves. Women, Men, and all identities in between are valuable.

Read below to meet your photographers!


Teri Hofford

Body Image Activist & Chief Photographer


After coming to terms with my own body issues, I became passionate about inspiring and empowering women around me and as soon as I delved into the decadent & sensual world of intimate portrait photography, I knew this was exactly where I needed to be.

I wanted to see a change in the way that women saw themselves.  The fact that a woman who is a size 2 and size 24 both hate their bodies, tells me that it’s not about the body at all and thus began my adventure in creating empowering, soul strengthening photo sessions and body image workshops to help women acknowledge and own their bodies, their independence, and most importantly, their confidence. Since I started this venture 4 years ago, I have now realized the importance of helping ALL humans who feel marginalized to have a safe space to tell their story.

I have created a beautiful space in the heart of downtown Winnipeg to fulfill your intimate session, allowing you to rewrite the stories you have told yourself.  Within this safe space,  you will have the opportunity to let us take care of you while you enjoy the experience of being in the spotlight, and leave with a pep in your step and a new view of the strong, brave person woman you are and always were!! 

Lastly, as your dedicated empowerment specialist, I will be with you from start to finish, encouraging and providing you with the support and continual direction you need to see yourself as other people do!  Your power, your unique features, your fearlessness, and your confidence are things that should be celebrated today and myself and my incredible team will help you get there.

If you are interested in working with me, you will be looking to book the THP Experience Session or any of my Photo Therapy sessions.

winnipeg boudoir photos

Liz & Ally - THP Associates

Liz brings her sassy, yet quiet personality, to the table. As a photographer and dancer, Liz loves to help her clients connect during their session and help bring out their confidence. Liz has dealt with her own fair share of body image issues, never feeling that her outside matched her inside, and hopes to help other babes bring forth the personality and expression that makes them feel like the best version of themselves.

Ally’s eye for fine art and bringing forth the little things that make his clients unique make him a perfect fit for the studio. After never seeing bodies like his represented in the media, Ally knew that he wanted to make a difference by letting every body know they are worthy of being photographed.

If you are looking for an amazing and affordable boudoir experience, you will want to book an Intimate Session with Liz or Ally.




Best choice I’ve made. Changed my life. She will make you laugh and feel comfortable. DO ITTTTTTT!

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